5 Creative Nail Art Ideas for Busy Moms
Posted on 11 Sep 2023
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Busy moms - looking for ways to add some extra flair to your style on the go? But struggling to commit to a time consuming beauty routine at the salon? We got you. Stepping away from the basic manicure, we’re going to talk about some quick and easy nail art ideas that you can ask for at your next at-home manicure appointment, so you can stay on top of your style game without having to look for the best nail salon near you

The Classic French Manicure

The timeless French manicure is perfect for any occasion: work, weddings, or even daily wear. This nail art is simple and elegant, yet never goes out of style. It takes only a few minutes to do, and the result is stunning. You can opt for the traditional white tips or mix things up with some glitter polish or a pop of color.

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Accent Nails

Another easy and chic nail art idea for busy moms is the accent nail. This trend has been around for quite some time, and it’s still going strong. This involves painting one nail a different color or adding a minimal design, such as polka dots or stripes. This style is versatile, quick to execute and you can play around with different colors and designs to suit your mood.

Floral Nails

Floral nails are the perfect way to add some personality to your look. With just a few strokes, your Beauty Consultant will transform your nails into a botanical themed oasis. This style is perfect for that warm weather mood and can be customized to go any outfit. This nail art idea takes a bit more time, but the results are definitely worth it.

Reverse French Manicure

The reverse French manicure is a modern twist on the classic French mani. Instead of painting the tips white, you paint the base of your nails in a bold color of your choice and add a nude semi-circle at the bottom edge of your tips. This nail art is perfect for the office and can be easily paired with almost any outfit.

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Dots and Stripes

Lastly, we have the dots and stripes nail art. All you need is a few nail polish colors and a dotting tool (a toothpick will work in a pinch!). You can go for a uniform look or mix things up with different colors, sizes and patterns. This style is casual and playful, perfect for the weekends.

Nail Art can be a fun and easy way to express your style even as a busy mom. With the right tools and creativity, you can try these simple nail arts at home and achieve great results with a little practice. Self-care is healthcare - find one thing to do for yourself today. These quick and easy nail art ideas will keep you looking polished amidst the flurry of daily mom to-dos. Book in with us for a pampering at home mani pedi appointment. Our Nail Art is available with any of our nail services - simply add to cart and we’ll take care of it!

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