A digital springboard connecting you to a new way of beauty, right at your fingertips.
Our Mission

It started with them - talented Beauty Consultants with warm personalities whom we came to know and love. And so we began our journey - to usher in a new era of beauty built on connection, community and convenience.

Our Service

We are ready for beauty in a new way. Transform your home, office or gym into your on-demand beauty studio with a Refresh.

We believe our platform and services speak for themselves. If you'd like to stick around, explore our subscription community for seamless, concierge bookings and better prices.

Our Beauty Consultants
The landscape of beauty is changing and we are here to do beauty, better. We believe in fair wages and a flexible, collaborative culture. Our vibrant collective of Beauty Consultants is here for you - to learn from and to grow with.
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Let's be friends, but like, over the internet