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Demystifying Lash Serums: How and When to Use them
Posted on 22 Nov 2022
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It’s a well-known beauty trick that full lashes instantly pull your whole look together. Ask anyone and they will have their go-to mascara that they can’t live without, or they might tell you the name of their favourite lash technician or lash salon (we hope it’s us!) for lash extensions or lash lifts.

As important as any other part of your morning routine, full, healthy lashes help to liven up the face, lifting and widening the eyes, making you look more alert and put together. 

Unfortunately, full and fluttery natural lashes are not always as attainable as we would like them to be. Big beauty brands like L’Oreal have championed their effective lash serums which promote strengthening and enhancing your natural set, encouraging healthy and faster growth of your natural lashes. 

But how do they do this? And more importantly - do they actually work? 

What do Lash Serums Contain?

Lash serums can be used by those who are looking to grow longer and thicker lashes, wanting results quickly and efficiently. Many of these products also provide moisturizing benefits to your lashes. 

The active ingredient in lash serums are amino acids, which make up protein. As hair is mostly chemically made up of protein, these amino acids work with your lashes to strengthen, nourish and repair them - and with healthy lashes you have faster growth. 

Many lash serums also contain collagen - another ingredient that stimulates hair growth.

Do You Need Lash Serums?

Anyone can use a lash serum, no matter your lash length, but if you have sparse or short lashes, lash serums are especially helpful for you. 

As these serums are made to thicken and lengthen, the extra boost of nutrients and oils bring extra nourishment to your lashes - helping them become their fullest and best selves. 

Some signs you’d benefit from a lash serums are:

  • If your lash line is thinning out, with lashes becoming short or breaking easily. 
  • If your lashes are falling - especially when you remove your makeup. 
  • If you wear waterproof mascara - even if your lashes aren’t brittle or sparse, waterproof mascara holds chemicals that are drying to your lashes. A serum could help to counteract these chemicals and maintain healthy nourished lashes. 
  • If you use a heated eyelash curler, or falsies - putting heat or glue to your lashes consistently can be damaging, likewise for your lashes, causing them to become discolored and thin. Counteracting this with a serum will prevent your lashes from breaking or falling off for good. 

How do you use lash serums?

Now that you’ve found the perfect product for your lash needs, how do you use it for the best results? Most products advise application of the serum to your lashes 2-3 times a day on clean lashes. 

Using the product’s brush applicator, apply the serum carefully to your lash line, at the root of where the hair begins. Carefully draw the brush applicator upwards as you would with mascara, and then repeat on the other eye. Do note that experts advise against applying lash serums with contact lenses on.

Are lash serums safe to use?

Lash serums are usually safe, especially if applied correctly, although negative side effects are possible. Remember that the eyes are the most sensitive organ on the body, with the skin around it being the thinnest and most sensitive. 

Lash serums must be applied with care, and not in too frequent doses. If your eyes become itchy, watery, red or the skin around your eye begins to change color - consult a doctor immediately and discontinue use of the product. If you are worried about allergic reactions, do a patch test on another part of your skin for a few days to rule out an allergy. 

Alternatively, lash conditioners are also a product in itself - and dermatologists recommend pairing the two for optimum results. It is important to remember that removing your mascara after a day out is essential - wearing mascara for too long, or even sleeping with it on, can cause your lashes to break or cause an eye infection.

Extra tip: many lash serums are safe to use on your eyebrows as well - for that extra thickness.

How long do lash serums take to work?

Given the range of active ingredients from serum to serum, the time it takes to see results varies by each product. On average, it would take around 4-6 weeks to see proper results when used regularly. The best and quickest results will occur with consistent applications every day, so remember to commit to the routine. 

How long do lash serum effects last?

Unfortunately, the effects of lash serums are not permanent - and will run its course if you stop applying lash serums. Once the desired results are achieved, you can reduce your lash serum use to once a day to maintain the results. 

Lash serums are a great way to promote healthy growth of the lashes and are easily accessible - with a wide array of over-the-counter products to choose from. With protein-rich ingredients and consistent application, your lashes will be long and luscious in no time. 

If you’ve jumped on the lash serum bandwagon and are craving a low-maintenance beauty fix, book in for our Lash Lift within 3 weeks of starting use of a lash serum - a lift and tint of your natural lashes,  you’ll be all set in 60 minutes. 

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