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Gift a Refresh: 6 Christmas gift ideas
Posted on 2 Dec 2022
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It’s been a hard year, with lots of changes on all fronts. Chances are, you can name more than a few women in your life who are in need of that much-deserved break. This Christmas, give the gift of self-care.

Show your loved ones you care, with an a spa service - all from the comfort of home. An ode to the superstars in our lives, send a nail service or a facial with a click - and we'll be at their doorstep for their at-home refresh.

From a pampering mani-pedi, relaxing facial, to princess parties and group nail treatments – you’ll find something suitable for everyone. From the hard-working career woman to busy mums, our Refresh services are tailor-made to empower women while giving them a flexible at-home beauty experience. Keep reading for some of our gift ideas, by our team of talented Beauty Consultants at The First Refresh

Nail Oasis (from 105 SGD) 

Our mani-pedi is a great universal pick-me-up for those overworked and stressed-out. With a warming foot soak and the whole nail works, our Nail Oasis makes for a calming mani-pedi experience. Your gift recipient will be whisked away to an hour or two of self-pampering and relaxation. 

Great for: mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends, girlfriends

Nail Party (from 215 SGD) 

Our Nail Party is also a great option if you want to turn the relaxing mani-pedi to a group bonding catch-up. Get your own nails done together with your loved ones and/or ride-or-dies - a great way to catch up while soothing that end of year burnout. 

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Great for: mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, your friend group

Princess Party (from 215 SGD) 

Surrounded by lots of little ones in your life? This Christmas season, gift a princess treatment, while treating their mummies to a much-needed break. Choose between mini manicures (with our non-toxic kid-friendly nail polishes) or baby braids - a delightful at-home treat for both daughters and moms. Our Beauty Consultant will be pampering your little ones with the ultimate royal treatment! 

Great for: young children 3 and up, their friends, and their mums! 

Facials (from 165 SGD) 

We can all relate that some R&R is exactly what we need the most - but it’s the one thing we never have the time to do. For that one friend or sister who has been extra overworked this year, treat her to a couple hours of a relaxing facial. Since our travelling beauty therapists can go straight to her, she won’t have to prepare anything or go anywhere. 

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Our collection of facial services include treatments that brighten, purify, hydrate and lift. You’ll be sure to find something for everyone here! Sometimes we just need a little push to get that much needed respite - and you could be that for your loved one, with guilt-free pampering away from the hassles of daily life. 

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We recommend: 

  • Our Refresh Facial (from 165 SGD) is our classic cleansing and hydrating facial - a great all-rounder for a beauty reset. Including a short massage at the end, this facial is apt for an evening or afternoon of quiet relaxation. 
  • Our Rejuvenate Facial (from 215 SGD) gives some deep cleansing action, including extraction and a rose quartz lifting massage. 
  • The Renew Glow Facial (from 175 SGD) powers dewy, glowy skin - including purple LED light therapy tailored towards skin brightening. 

See the rest here

Great for: that one person who really needs some time off ✨

Personal Styling (from 210 SGD) 

Nothing says pick-me-up more than an all-encompassing hair and makeup session. Treat your girls to a hair and makeup session before your annual Christmas or New Years party, making for Instagrammable moments and an unforgettable event. Feel beautiful inside and out by empowering your girls with some fun glam. 

Alternatively, switch up your regular date night routine and get your makeup done by a professional -  surprise that special someone with some fresh and unexpected glam. 

Great for: you and the girls at your next girl’s night, or your next dinner date.

Timesaving Combos (from 210 SGD) 

Although named for ladies on the go - our timesaving combos indulge in the best of what we have to offer. Pair a mani pedi with a facial, lash lift or lash extensions. 

With two Beauty Consultants at your door, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated in half the time. Know someone who has been dying to try out a lash or brow service? Give them the extra push by booking in for them, with our spa nail experience adding to the whole beauty reset. 

  • The Monroe timesaver contains a mani pedi with lash extensions, for that all-out classic glam. 
  • The Hepburn is great for fans of barely-there natural beauty, containing a mani pedi and a lash lift. Add on some nail art or brow lamination at another 70 SGD. 
  • The Diana entails a facial with your mani pedi, a great option if you want a big beauty reset. 

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The First Refresh offers on-demand at-home beauty services that can arrive to you in as little as 2H. Perfect for time-pressed ladies and busy mums - but also for those around you who may need the extra break. Gift your loved ones with some allocated time of rest and relaxation this holiday season. You can browse more of our services here - and click the option “Gift This Item” at the booking page.

We can't wait to meet those you love.

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