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Lash Extension Retention: Do’s and Don’ts
Posted on 21 Oct 2022
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Lash extensions always look the best when you’re fresh out of the appointment. But how do you make them last longer? Lash extensions should typically last 2-4 weeks before you need a touch-up, all with the right aftercare. If your lash extensions start to fall out in a week - you know that something has gone wrong.

If you’re having lash retention issues, or you just want to improve your lash retention, there are a few things to think about: your technician’s method of application, the lash glue used, environmental factors, and aftercare all matter. But it doesn't all depend on external factors - there are steps that you can take for better eyelash retention - to help your new lashes preserve that volume, density and glam! 

For the big event you have coming, that long awaited holiday, or if you’re just wanting to treat yourself – here are some lash retention tips for clients. The do’s and don'ts, as well as aftercare tips to keep your lash extensions looking fresh and full for longer. If you’re looking for better lash retention - keep reading for our tips and tricks.

Eyelash Extension Retention: Do’s

Wash your extensions daily using a recommended cleanser, or a water-based cleanser. A proper lash cleanser will keep your lashes clean from oil and dirt that may have accumulated throughout the day. The debris may decrease the effectiveness of the lash glue used for your extensions. Keep your lashes clean for longer lasting, full lashes. 

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If you have had a Lash Lift session before, wait at least 6-8 weeks before opting for extensions. Lashes that have been lifted will require time to grow out - as extensions should ideally be applied to straight lashes. If your lashes are not properly grown out, you might damage your lashes and experience lash retention issues. 

Brush your lashes with a clean and dry spoolie brush daily. Using a clean mascara wand or eyelash brush can help to keep your lashes looking fluffy and full. Brushing your lashes after your daily cleanse will keep them looking their very best for longer. 

Temperature and Humidity of the appointment room: turning on the air conditioning at least 15 minutes before your lash extension appointment will help to ensure optimal glue adherence. Also leave the window ajar to allow for better ventilation from the fumes coming from the lash glue. 

Use a Lash Serum in the days leading up to your appointment: even though your Beauty Consultant will clean and prep your lashes before applying the extensions - you want your natural lashes at their very best. Try a lash serum in the days leading to your appointment to nourish and moisturise your natural lashes. 

Eyelash Extension Retention: Don’ts 

Wearing heavy eye makeup. As much as a strong eye look can go a long way to elevate your overall makeup look, going too heavy or dramatic on your eye makeup can impact retention. Try not to apply mascara to your lash extensions. 

However, if you do, opt for a non-waterproof formula and remember to set aside time to ensure you remove it properly each night. Remember to stay away from oil-based makeup products too, as oil can weaken the bonding agents holding your extensions in place.

Closeup on a woman's face. Mascara is being applied to her eyelashes by a makeup artist.

Get your lashes wet in the first few days following your appointment. Your lashes cannot come into contact with water up to 48 hours after your appointment. Avoid any contact with hot water at all costs. That means don’t wash your face with hot water, go for a swim in a heated pool, jacuzzi, or use a steam bath. 

Pick or pull at your lashes. Avoid touching your lashes or rubbing your eyes. If you wish to adjust the positions of some strands, try to use an eyelash comb instead. The more you can resist picking at your extensions, the longer they’ll last.

Using powerful shower jets. We know, we know. Powerful shower jets beating down on you feel fantastic and help to loosen those knots in your back amazingly! However, be sure to turn your face away when you’re indulging in that. The exposed abrasive contact to your lashes will also impact the retention of your lashes - especially if you take hot showers. 

Getting too close to heat. Like the oven or a fire - which can cause accidental damage, or singe, your lash extensions.

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Eyelash Extension Retention: Common Misconceptions 

Will doing consecutive lash extension appointments cause your lashes to drop prematurely? 

Even though lash extensions alone will not cause your natural lashes to drop, it is important to select the right type of extensions for you. Taking into account the type of your natural lashes, opt for extensions that are suitable. For example, thinner lashes should not opt for heavier extension looks - as having many lashes applied may create an extra weight on your natural lashes, causing them to shed. 

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Will washing your eyelash extensions cause them to fall out? 

No, it won’t. Eyelash extension retention depends on how well you maintain them. Not washing them enough puts your lash line at risk of infections. To clean your lashes, gently wet your lashes with water and apply a tiny amount of lash shampoo on each of your lashes, using clean fingers or a lash brush. Gently rinse it off with water and pat it dry with a towel. 

Can you work out with lash extensions?

Yes! Although exercising is not recommended for the first 48 hours following your appointment, you can return to your normal exercise routine after. Waiting for 48 hours will allow your lashes to set, and keep them away from environments with high humidity levels. When you go back to your regular workouts, you’ll want to avoid sweat getting on your new lashes as much as possible. Remember to clean them immediately after to maintain your lash retention and avoid any issues. 

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