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Lash Lift SOS: My lashes are falling out after my lash lift!
Posted on 24 Dec 2022
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Lash lifts have become a popular beauty procedure of choice in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a non-invasive, low maintenance enhancement that makes your lashes look fuller and longer. 

Lash lifts are also more subtle and natural-looking than the typical lash extension look, which makes it a good choice for those of us who prefer a more understated look.  

However, sometimes things don’t always go to plan, and this blog post is here to help you figure out what’s going on and what to do next in situations like this! 

Does a lash lift make your lashes fall out after?

When done properly, lash lifts should not make your lashes fall out - and the chances of this happening otherwise is very small. But if you are experiencing some lash loss, it could be one of these reasons:

Your chosen lash salon is not experienced in this service: the salon you choose to go to is critical. You should always research your lash technician beforehand, and look for photo examples of their work to ensure it is what you want as well.

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Your lash technician has perhaps left the chemicals to process a little too long. This may damage your lashes and make them more brittle, which then causes your lashes to fall. 

In future, when visiting a new salon you have never tried before, you can check to ensure that your lash technician has a timer turned on (or turn one on yourself!) to ensure that the solution is removed in time.  

If particular lash strands are nearing the end of their growth cycle, they are more likely to fall out. The good news is that if your lashes are reaching the end of their growth cycle, it means new ones are growing too.

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What to do if your eyelashes are falling out

Unfortunately, there’s not much to be done except wait for your lashes to grow back. But there are a few things that you can do to promote healthy and quick lash growth! 

Invest in a high quality lash serum: Lash serums are filled with proteins, peptides and keratin - these ingredients work to nourish your lashes, promoting healthy and strong lash growth. Tried and tested by us here at The First Refresh, our beauty pick is the Cavilla Lash Serum, which promises fuller, longer and thicker lashes within 2 months. 

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Take supplements: any vitamin-filled supplements are a great way to encourage healthy and quicker lash growth. Applying topically or changing your diet to include more vitamin E will help your lashes grow back healthy and strong. 

Brush your lashes regularly: just like our hair, brushing often encourages healthy growth - preventing breakage and helping to distribute the natural oils and serums that you apply.

Apply a light layer of coconut or castor oil: topically applying some coconut or castor oil to your lashes can help promote growth. Apply a small amount before bed and wash off in the morning - the moisturising benefits of these oils will help your lashes grow back healthy. (Note: castor oil is not recommended if you’re pregnant)

If you’re ready to dive back into your next lash lift, The First Refresh’s Lash Lift provides a non-invasive, temporary lash lift that shapes and tints your natural lashes for a natural, open-eye look. 

P.S. Our Lash Lift services include an option to add on a hydration booster for added TLC for your lashes!

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