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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Brow Shape For Your Face 
Posted on 22 Nov 2021
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If eyes are the window to the soul, then brows are the frames. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to shaping your brows, ranging from temporary to semi-permanent, and they’re often a quick way to look a little more put-together even if you go completely makeup free apart from that! At The First Refresh, both at-home brow lamination and brow embroidery services are available

A well-shaped set of eyebrows can help to bring out your eyes and enhance the natural features of your face, whether that’s bringing out your strong cheekbones, or to soften the angles of your face if you prefer. 

What eyebrow shape should I choose for my face?

When you’re getting your brows done at a beauty salon or at home, your beauty consultant will typically draw out using an eyebrow pencil the shape of the brows she would be creating for you before you proceed with the procedure. For inspiration, here are three key eyebrow shapes and some trivia on which face shapes they suit!

Straight brows

Mulan star Liu Yi Fei sports straight brows

The straight brow shape is a popular one sported by Korean celebrities for a while now. These brows are typically in lighter hues of browns and have minimal arch. The straight brow look creates a more youthful, softer, cute look. If you have a longer face shape, the straight brow would make your face seem shorter. 

Arched, angled brows

Gemma Chan has thick arched brows framing her face.

Depending on your face shape, the type of arch you choose might vary. With a round face, brows with a higher arch helps to “lift” the face to create the illusion of a sharper face and add some lengthening factor to it, while shallower arches help to soften squarer and heart-shaped shaped faces.

Rounded brows

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has rounded brows.

Rounded brows are softer, following the eye’s natural shape without any arching. Rounded eyebrows are not at all angular like arched brows, and are typically best on angular faces. However, there’s no stopping anyone from sporting a rounded brow look regardless of face shape. For people who love soft, feminine, gentle looks, the roundness of the brow shape gives a cute, kind look that can help to give an impression of delicateness. 

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